Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It’s not junk if you love it!

Did you ever read any Shel Silversten poems when you were a kid. These poems have always been a favorite of mine and I now love reading them to my girls. My favorite poem was always Hector the Collector. If you don’t know it – read it! Hector collected “junk”. Folks laughed at him for his collection and in the end the sad story ends with a heartbroken child who doesn’t understand why anyone would call this stuff junk. It often makes me wonder in a world of waste what I should treasure? What will my kids treasure. It is easy to say we shouldn’t hold on to a love of “stuff”, but the reality is we do find attachment to objects. I think in fact if we could find that we love the things we do have a little more we might not be so apt to just toss them aside so quickly. I think I’ll be reading Hector the Collector again this Earth Day – won’t you join me!

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