Why More or Less?

So as the weeks after our second daughter was born passed and my husband came to me and said he was thinking about quitting his job to possibly stay home with the girls (something I don't think I would ever be able to do) my mind raced with the stress of how we could possible live on HALF of our current income. Being a financial adviser my husband sat me down and added up the bills and started showing me where we would find the money. This is when we started coming up with new ideas ever day that get us closer and closer to living the live we wanted. 

My husband has since gone back to work and though that means more income... we are still working towards our more or less family life. You see, along the way in this journey we started to realize that sometimes having less of something brings you more of something else, and sometimes you can have less of something that costs more and still be very happy. We hope to bring anyone who cares to follow us examples of how are are doing more or less just this every day.

As I said in the about us, this is not just about living on less - it is about making less of an impact on our kids and our planet, it is about simplifying our lives and discovering our family philosophy. Not every post will be about cost savings, but more about life enrichment's that don't put us in debt. We hope you enjoy and contribute!