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We are more or less an average family living in Portland, Oregon. Since having our first daughter Lauryn, we have been continually modifying our day to day lives to fit our family philosophy. This has included a focus on slowing down, simplifying, living healthy happy lives, and looking for ways to be sustainable in how we live on this earth. Like an average family we have started slow and look for new and little ways to change. We added our second daughter Elsie in October 2009 and understand this is no small addition to our own footprint on the planet - so we have been conscious not just about the cost of a second child but the impact to our simple, healthy, happy, sustainable life.

When I first started this blog, dad, Delsin, left his job as a financial adviser and became a stay at home dad. that was when we realized that we could be doing so many things to live on less but still have so much more fulfillment. Our conversation with family and friends about our little every day changes and ideas that we feel make us to a better family unit made us want to journal this process to share with others and eventually with our children.

Mom, Stacey, works for an environmental engineering firm and Dad has since actually gone back to work in his field. As a working parents we recognize how difficult it is teach our children what is important at home and in the world without help. So we have surrounded ourselves with many family, friends (most with families), and a daycare that feel the same way and are doing the same things we are. We hope that they will follow us and offer their tips as well. 

We would love to hear from our readers - email us any time!!

One final note. We are NOT a poor family. Though we are looking for ways to live on less we recognize and respect the fact that by the worlds standards we are an affluent family. While some days we may think we are struggling to make ends meet, we recognize that we are so lucky to be able to still afford more. We worked hard in our early years and saved so we can afford this, we had access to education, help from family at times, and health care through work. We KNOW we are lucky - but we still feel we can be doing a lot more in our lives with a lot less of an impact both on our wallet and our earth.