Monday, March 14, 2011

Meatless Monday

Yesterday my daughter and I picked up groceries and new books at the library. It is like a weekly tradition and it is so fun seeing what new books we will find. This week we picked up a book called "How did this get in my lunchbox?" (see book preview from Random House below). Though a bit more about big farms and processing plants than maybe growing your own or a local farmer it was a terrific read for us to discuss just how hard it really is to get something as simple as lunch on the plate. I loved hearing my daughter refer to food as hard work and also her realization that tomatoes, apples, and oranges all start as flowers...

Admittedly Meatless Monday isn't Monday for us again this week (tonight is spaghetti carbonara) but we do plan on doing some soba noddles with the "mystery" veggies which will be coming from our fruit and veggie box from the Know Thy Food on Tuesday and The first of the in-season strawberries and artichokes are starting to make their way to Portland from California so I broke down and purchased some as side dishes to this weeks meals. Ugg I should not create these posts over lunch as I'm now very hungry!

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