Monday, March 14, 2011

Kids Cook Monday

This week I just want to encourage anyone following me with kids to check out the new Kids Cook Monday website that just launched today! They have cool recipes and tips on cooking with kids broken down by age group along with links to lots of other bloggers that are telling their tale of cooking with their kids. They have food and cooking games and lots of resources to help you kick off your own Kids Cook Monday. Check it out and if you get your kids involved in cooking let me know how and what you cook!

FYI their featured article looks very similar to one of our favorite dishes my husband makes when we do a pot luck (because you can eat it cold). It is basically soba noodles and steamed veggies and though this version is even more complex than what we toss in I'm telling you my kids eat this stuff up and we always get folks asking us for the recipe. We have soba noodles in the pantry now and a veggie box pickup on Tuesday so I think there is a good chance we will be having steamed veggies and soba noodles for dinner one night this week (a package of pre-made potstickers always makes a little extra for the meal if we are feeling a little hungrier than normal).

Enjoy the new site, can't wait to see what the campaign does in the coming weeks.

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