Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Meatless Monday

A few weeks back I signed us up for a sort of food co-op through a local group called Portland Green Parenting. The food arm is known as Know Thy Food. It connects local food to individuals who by pooling purchase power are able to bring fresh, local food at an affordable price. We've been trying it out and the best part is I can adjust our order to our needs and change from week to week.

I have had CSA boxes and home deliveries in the past but the weekly commitment are not always affordable and most don't have near the selection or prices thanks to the group. So I'm loving the group and the very first week this is just a peek at the huge box of food I hauled home.There is much more too it than first meets the eye and quite honestly I need a lot more time to figure it all out. I'm also hoping to volunteer to help at some point in the future.

This is out box from a few weeks back (I'm picking up a new one today)

From this box we made potato and kale soup,watched our kids devour fruit salad, and we all tried new foods. While this box isn't totally local this time of year you can choose one that is, along with milk,eggs,bread,meat,and oh so much more.

So, I know this isn't exactly Meatless Monday recipes... But the boxes inspire several creative dishes and more meatless dishes to try. The potato soup with Kale (needed something more - it wasn't a huge hit), and got our kids trying new foods (like brussels sprouts - which was a tough sell but my older did do a great job trying them).


  1. I found your blog through the Cloth Diaper Whisperer - this sounds like such a neat concept! I loved your tips about cloth at day care. We've been doing it at day care a few months now and let me tell you, the butt cream has been a HUGE issue for me. I also was afraid to pitch cloth wipes, but they do have a sink right there and it might not be that big a deal after all. I think I'll talk to them about it!


  2. Welcome! I don't get a ton of time to blog here but I enjoy writing about the things my kids and life teach me :)

    I think talking to them and bringing one along to demo is a great first step. Understanding their concerns with health and safety is important. They first and foremost need to keep their license so just being able to come with examples (like the zip up bag, liners and ways to keep things sanitary) might really help them see it really isn't all that different from regular diapers!