Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Living in Virus-ville

What seems like the weekly delima around here... I need MORE time off and LESS sickness in our house.

Before kids I was the workaholic who always had more time off then I knew what to do with, worked late, and had no idea that one day I would dream of asking for LESS pay in exchange for MORE time off (or even a backup childcare program bonus - would love to see something like this where I work). I do remember the days of our older daughters first year in daycare - I do... and now she is rarely ever sick. So I know this too shall pass. But the balance between having a job, earning money, being with my kids, enjoying time off for fun stuff, and caring for sick kiddos is exhausting me.

I would love to see more backup childcare centers out there like those mentioned in the Working Mom's Guide to Sick Kids article posted recently at Parents.com. My husband and I don't have a backup plan - more like a mutual sharing of the duties and balancing of who needs to work - but even that is difficult on some days. I'm not sure I would want a really sick kiddo to be with anyone but me, however the option of a play space/day center for just a coughing sortta sick kiddo that would allow me to work and NOT infect other kids at her regular center seems like a brilliant idea. Would LOVE to see something like this in PDX!!

Image from Working Mom's Guide to Sick Kids @ parents.com

Anyone out there ever used or heard of backup child care programs? Sounds like a great business plan or someone some day - one can only hope... Until then, here is hoping we can get over the latest round and make it a few more weeks!

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