Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cloth vs Disposable

I saw this article floating around this week and thought it was such a realistic (well, closer to it than most articles on the subject in my mind) look at the diapering choices out there. I always see the big savings $$ numbers on cloth websites and yes, you can certainly save money, but it does take work. Easier than disposables... we'll I don't think so personally... but HARD - no not at all, just more to think about and plan for and well, if you have kids that is just something you are doing any way (at least that is how I look at it).

It has just become a natural part of how we parent. Like making food - we meal plan now - something we didn't do when we were kid free and had lots of time. FYI there are also lots of resource out there to practice very early potty training (elimination communication)... it isn't all or nothing for me and so I liked the fact that they interviewed families that have done both cloth and disposable and gave reasonable pros and cons for both. I use both (yes, I admit to an occasional 'sposie' as they call them)... it works for us. I like to share my love and passion (and my cost savings). But I also like to get real.

Speaking of love of cloth, I need to get a few more cloth posts up here... look for a post about cloth at daycare coming soon!

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