Monday, February 7, 2011

Meatless Monday

Last Week Oprah went sent her staff a vegan challenge. I'm not usually an Oprah fan nor am I even home to watch it but I'm a fan of Michael Pollen and so I taped the show. I was surprised to find that I enjoyed most of the episode and was excited to see the Meatless Monday Campaign highlighted. The only thing I wasn't so into was the shopping trip with the family trying to go vegan for the challenge. I know they were trying to help the family make the least radical change they could - but the cart ended up full of fake meat and processed foods. I think you can cook great vegan meals with whole foods that the average family will love - with fewer processed foods than they had...but again, that is a family choice.

We've been working towards a less meat consumption diet for quite some time and though we struggle - especially eating out, the campaign is a great resource. Episodes like this give the every day person a great set of ideas to start down the path. Health, earth, or whatever your reasons for the average person there are parts of the food isle that are just plain strange. I remember not knowing anything about tofu, quinoa, soy milk, or almond butter (seriously - never know this stuff existed or even why you would buy it) and it takes a lot of experimentation and some helpful friends and websites to even begin to make a move.

If you are thinking about eating less meat here are a few other blogs that I have been enjoying lately:
Would love to hear about more great sites - not just with recipes but with tips and ways to get past your fear of new foods and get your family on board with a healthy life!

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