Wednesday, January 12, 2011

More connections to your food - er - drink source

We just recently brought home another half a hog (from a different farm here in Oregon than the last one- but still equally as nice). This of course got me thinking more about the post I did a while back about being connected to your food source. This can easily be true for what we eat - but what about for what we drink?

While you can get your milk from a local dairy and you can squeeze your own juice from local apples - I just can't resist a post about a friend of ours who makes an amazing local wine! Before I tell you more - I want to openly admit to not knowing much about wine and that I'm really not much of a drinker in general. That said - I do love Oregon Pinto a lot and as an average (I'm going to leave it at that) wine consumer I really love these wines I'm about to tell you about.

So, I recently stocked my very first wine rack with several cases of wine by Anne Hubatch with Helioterra Wines and some of her partner wine projects (you can read more on her site). I have never even thought to purchase wine by the case before because it actually didn't occur to me that this would be a very inexpensive way to purchase my wine. Through invitations to purchase early I grouped together a few friends and together we made several purchases of Anne's wine (and partner wines). Buying by the case I was allowed to mix my purchases and also get discounts the more I purchased. Her wines are made with local Oregon and Washington grapes, are very reasonably priced, and frankly I can't wait to see what 2011 has in store for her.

But what really makes me feel good (aside from knowing I can actually afford to drink more wine) is knowing her family. Our children and families are good friends, they have an amazing sense of adventure and spirit and tremendous love of the earth as well. I can't help but think of them or talk about them every time we open a bottle around other friends or family. This is yet again such a great reason to be connected to your food (ok drinking) source!

PS - thanks Anne for making me invest in a wine rack ;)


  1. You are a gem, Stacey. What a nice surprise to see this. I admit, I don't read all of your posts, but when I saw the title on FB, I had a feeling I knew what this was going to be about. I'm touched. Thanks for supporting my wines (and thereby our family!)

  2. It just came to me over a glass Anne. I really do think of you and your family every time we drink it :)