Sunday, January 23, 2011

Meatless Monday

Lately we have been eating our veggie soup from Soup cycle that comes on Wednesdays with Quesadillas. So when I saw this recipe on MM a few weeks back for Sweet Potato Quesadillas it got me thinking about the various things I might be able to sneak into my kids tortillas... So far not much luck - my little on especially seems to be on a vegetable strike.

My older daughter started her new school lunch menu a few weeks ago (they have a seasonal menu and do a great job getting as much high protein, meatless, healthy food in the kids as they can). The new menu has quinoa on it twice. She has had it several times before and just basically treated it as rice - but to be honest I hadn't cooked with it much at home so I wasn't surprised when I heard complaints the first week. So last week I cooked up a very simple batch. I cooked the quinoa in vegetable broth rather than just water and I added in some steamed sweet potato, corn, and some black beans. We'll, I thought it was delicious anyway :) ...never-the-less, I did hear the very next week that she did in fact eat at least some of the dish at school which had cheese and zucchini - so hay! I'm really hoping that by cooking it every so often at home she will begin to see that we are on board with the new menu as a whole family.

Yea for Meatless Monday  - and for our meatless school menu for giving me the idea for last weeks dish.

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