Sunday, January 23, 2011

Kids Cook Monday

Kids Cook Monday is fairly new movement but ever since I received the email asking me to participate I have been so very happy that I have. I actually have a few meals now lined up to talk about but I've been meaning to talk in particular about a project my older daughter and I took on over the holiday. It was the family tradition of making peanut butter balls!

Yep, this is something I have been doing in my family for as long back as I can remember (not even sure how old the recipe but these and popcorn balls go back as far as my memory). I believe some might know them as buckeyes or some other name - we just call them PB in Chocolate. It is a hearty helping of butter, peanut butter, and powdered sugar rolled, then dipped in some melted chocolate and dropped on wax or into little mini cups.Thankfully no one is allergic to peanut butter :)

I can hardly believed the patience my older daughter had - helping dad roll dozens of them, helping me dip and decorate 100's of them (and only eating a very few). It something we talk about every year and I just love having the memory of my mom and grandma, and I especially love the my kids will have that same memory now too.

PS these freeze well and you can top them for any season (a little red candy or colored white chocolate for any season drizzled on top and you have your own gourmet candy).

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