Thursday, January 27, 2011

Girl Power

Maybe it is all the talk about strict vs. relaxed mothering, or the talk about what the princess complex does to girls - but lately I have had more of in interest in - well, girl power.

A while back I bookmarked this list from Non-Toxic Kids - 4 Books to Empower Young Girls
Then recently, a friend of mine posted an article and then I heard an NPR piece by Peggy Orenstein who recently released a book titled "Cinderella Ate My Daughter"
And just today I was listening to this piece on NPR about Tunisian women and their role in the revolution (which literally had me crying I was so empowered by the story).

I wonder nearly daily if my daughters will feel the same way I do now? Will they see any glass ceilings, will they feel differently about math or science, will they have a professional sport to play or team to route for? I really hope to keep encouraging them so that they just might!

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