Friday, September 10, 2010

When you are connected to your food...

When my family started down the path of looking to live our "more or less" lifestyle we were very blessed to come upon an amazing local meat buyers club through a friend. I have blogged in the past about our half a hog and the bond that my family has felt for our "farmer" for the last few years. My older daughter and several friends visited Abundant Life Farms just about this time last year and we have all lovingly cooked food from them and referred to this visit and the farm nearly weekly.

Sadly, tragedy has stuck this family and the local food movement itself with the loss of this farming couple (you can read a moving tribute to them here). I am so thankful to have known these people and shared in the food they tended. I care about their animals and family and am moved to tears when I think about the loss of Marilyn and Scott Jondle. This is not something I would have ever felt had I continued to purchase my meat from a grocery store.

I hope they are at peace - that their family finds peace - and that others will take up the movement where they left off. I am so honored to have been connected to them and if you are not connected to your food source now - I hope that the message you receive here is to do so! 

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