Monday, September 6, 2010

Meatless Monday - Anyone can do this!

I have been raving to my parents about the changes my family has been taking over the last few years.... spending more time as a family focused on less stuff, and more on what we eat and how we tread on this earth (yadda yadda - you know this part already). I sometimes wonder if they think we are "cute". As if we are going through a phase. But nowI think some it might actually be sinking in ;)

This week my mom has been staying with us to help out while daddy is away (another story for another day). This has been an amazing blessing and the fact that she is helping me with cooking and cleaning hasn't lead me to say one single thing about the food on the table (beggars can't be choosers - isn't that what they say). So man was I completely shocked by tonight's easy meatless meal - a la mom! I never would have dreamed that this one would have come from her - thanks mom.

Sausageless Sausages (from Trader Joe's) cut up and simmered in TJ's marinara sauce (frankly, my favorite pre-made from a jar). Spooned over a big plate of fettuccine noodles with a side of broccoli (frankly, I preferred mine mixed right in) and a little garlic bread for dipping. For the baby - a little cubed zucchini from the garden (still trying to get rid of this stuff) in some plane old tomato sauce and she was a happy camper too.

I may be taking my family on a crazy journey - but is sure was nice to have my mom join us this week!

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