Monday, August 30, 2010

Meatless Monday

Today is Monday... and I have to admit to haven fallen off the meatless wagon this week. Not because I don't care about the reasons for supporting the ideas but because other people have been cooking me meals and life has just been too crazy to even begin to think beyond being so thankful for the many friends and family members who have been helping me out lately. It has been just me and my girls a lot recently as my husband has been caring for family members and while we have done some things with our local meat and overabundance of zucchini from the garden - meal planning has been a bit lacking. I've done some previous posts on meal planning and I have to say that falling off this wagon is the worst one of all. Really planning to use both what is in my garden, along with what is near our home is the key to really enjoying rich good nutritious food and I can attest that you body misses it when you don't.

Admittedly, I am not the cook my husband is so the next few weeks will be a challenge. This is one of the very reasons eating better (meatless or not) is harder if you don't know how to cook whole foods. So I'll be looking towards some more meal planning as things gradually get back to normal or some sense of it. I'm still on the hunt for a great garden burger (home made - if anyone has a good recipe). I had some most amazing tomato soup from the Portland Soup Company cart in downtown Portland today and it really got me "warmed up" for making soup. Fall is near (but hopefully not too near) and there is much to try.

One last note. I have been following the Meatless Monday Campaign each week and spotted some cool news about a neighbor of ours to the north - King County has passed a recognition supporting Meatless Monday - I would love to see Portland do the same and really get folks here interested in what's meatless on the menu. Oh, and though I said I wasn't really looking for a portobello mushroom garden burger - this one with quinoa and zucchini might be on my list to try (after all - I still have at least 4 more giant zucchini and the beast still grows).

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