Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Everyday More Or Less Crises

I have said several times before that I am not writing about living cheap. Though I like to find ways to save money, there are lots of blogs out there that can talk about coupons and deals way better than I can. In fact there are great blogs out there about natural living too (maybe a blog roll of blogs I follow will have to come soon).

My blog, at least in my mind, has always been about my everyday struggles and achievements to keep our family working towards our more or less values and goals. We are not poor (and for this every day I am grateful) and with two incomes we are likely to once again be upper middle class and hopefully be financially secure again (something most of America is struggling with - so again, a huge relief).

There are plenty of days where straying from the more or less lifestyle that we want for our family and for our environment is way too easy. Buying everything at target we need or want, eating out any place we please, going through “stuff” just to fill the time is a struggle still for my family. This is especially true in times of crises or lack of time which as any double working family will know – is about all the time (and unfortunately has been us lately).

So once again I find myself looking to slow down and think hard. To teach my children to see that “stuff” doesn’t satisfy and do look around the house at the 1000’s of items too many that are in it and see what we can do. To get out and enjoy life, or snuggle up and relax – to play with friends and family, share stories, and all pitch in to help make the family work…not just shop or throw things away.

I’m not going to say we haven’t been to target lately, or that we have implemented our vision and have the ultimate eco-hip-family (I'll have to blog latter about my daughters rant about not having enough books - not cloths or candy - but books :).... BUT I am going to blog over the next few weeks about a few of the things that we have found to do with our food or our stuff lately - even in the midst of change.

Look forward to:
  • Ode to Edamame
  • Our “half garden” family meatless Friday meal
  • The whole foods my family has tried and loved
  • Recycled t-shirt dress up
  • My adventures in making dryer balls
  • Looking back on how this all got started (this might have to be a blog series)
...And hopefully some other fun adventures with new recipes, crafts, and probably more family thoughts and struggles along the way.

Have a personal story you want to share? This doesn't have to just be me talking - feel free to let me know if you want to chime in!

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