Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sponsoring our schools??

I admit it... I'm a sucker for those do-good reality shows - the latest being School Pride. These shows make me cry and realize just how good of a life I have. But this latest one is also tugging at me in another way. While I am AMAZED at what they are doing with these schools... I'm a little torn at all of the company sponsorship this is being displayed in the school to support the changes. The "Microsoft lab" is very cool - don't get me wrong...but the big giant Microsoft logo on the wall is also a bit disturbing to me. Our kids are bombarded with millions of advertisements - do they need them in their school computer lab too?

Yes, they need the technology and if the government can't give it too them I give them props for finding a way to get their needs meet and give these kids more... but I'm just a little concerned how far they could take this. I mean, why the need for product placement for the kids - I get on the show but if they really care about the kids just donate it and leave the logo out of the room.

This is a tough one... It tugs at the heart strings - but concerns my mind.

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