Monday, November 15, 2010

Kids Cook Monday

The super sweet folks over at Meatless Monday have started a new campaign focused on cooking and eating together with your kids. They emailed me earlier this week about possibly blogging more about my adventures in cooking with my kids. I have to admit that - with a 1 yr old and 4 yr old and two jobs the idea of finding time to cook with my kids on Monday was almost hysterical. So while I'm titling my posts Kids Cook Monday... the reality is we eat leftovers on Monday or we focus on a quick meatless meal.... so we don't really cook Monday.

BUT... the concept of cooking and eating with your kids is so important to me. My mom was an amazing stay-at-home mom who can and did cook nearly every meal for us... so why is it that I can't cook? I didn't take an interest and I regret it now - so I'm focused on getting my kids in the kitchen and developing their skills (and maybe passions).

I didn't have time to take photos this weekend but with the baby in the highchair (dragged right into the kitchen to watch and copy us) and my older at the bowl with a spoon this weekend we took 5 mins to show grandma how we make bread. ok, with kids it's more like 15....but I'm talking about the very basic Artisan Bread in 5 minutes a day recipe (we use half whole wheat half white Bob's Red Mill flour). I don't know of anything simpler or more versatile to make with my kids and we make it often. Needless to say  - I think we may have hooked even grandma on making bread this is so easy!

That night my older helped dad make a pizza (she seriously is in awe every time daddy flips the dough in the air). We used the rest to make just a simple loaf of bread but in the past we have done pita pockets, bread sticks, and the latest I can't wait to try is to make bread bowls for our weekly soup nights.

So I realize they are young and we are busy. But we are still going to keep up our attempts to make meals in our small kitchen together. If you cook with your kids and blog about it Let the folks at Kids Cook Monday know about it... and if you don't and want to post here one Monday just let me know - I'd be happy to hear and post your stories.

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