Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Less is catching on

I think we are all just learning how overwhelming and suffocating 'stuff' can be check out this video:

I've actually been feeling this urge to "organize" my stuff lately and I think the reality is I just have more than I can deal with. I have found that my large home has accumulated with "stuff" and it does stress me out. We have actually contemplated moving at times but love our neighborhood....so we'll stay but I do a have get rid of stuff to-do list!

This is easier said then done when we work and have the kids but I've done it before, just one room at a time. I usually put down some toys and baskets and let the kids play and sort. I'm just super strict and if it isn't getting used it goes. If there is too much to deal with or we have to move on I just get back to it later. We all have small closets and don't buy a lot of cloths so mainly it is toys and housewares or gifts and gadgets (half started projects I thought would be cool or things we have just outgrown as a family). I don't deal with garage sales I just donate and giveaway.

The trick is not accumulating so much new stuff that I have to start all over again once I'm done. If there was ever a time we needed to simplify it looks like today's environment has really been trying to tell us something. Are you hearing the call to de-stuff too?


  1. If everyone is downsizing, who is buying all the stuff at the estate sales???

    I am in simplification mode too. It is a slow process, but gratifying.

  2. Oh don't worry Kirstin - there will always be a stuff lover out there somewhere :)

  3. I'm actually getting ready to move across the country.. and I'm not taking a u-haul. I've shipped stuff I can't live without (my cd, dvd and book collection) but the only other things coming with me is what fits in my car. Its been difficult trying to tell my self, "it's just stuff" because in this country most people equate stuff with wealth. The stuff I'm not taking I've been giving away to family members and friends (mostly the meaningful things like antiques and family heirlooms). I have to say, it's kind of a refreshing and gratifying experience. I know when I get out there, I'll have a clean slate and the stuff I'm giving away will be meaningful and significant to the receiving party. Also, with the new year approaching, purging "stuff" is a great idea!