Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hula Girl

A few weeks back my older daughter's school was having a luau at school. We were also looking for something to pass the time and so I put two and two together and searched the Internet for a fun craft. I came up with this super fun hula skirt made out of a recycled t-shirt!

The skirt is basically a large 4-5 inch bottom strip of the shirt folded in half. Then I cut ~1 inch strips across and let her STRETCH them way out. Then we cut little holes in the folded band and slip knotted the strips to hang down. Tied in a bow in the back and viola - a grass skirt. Shortly after that she started wearing the bottom shirt "band" around her neck - so I got the idea to cut out some flower shapes, cut a hole in the center and "string" up some flowers to make a lei necklace. I know these aren't the best instructions ever - but feel free to ask me more questions. It was so fun and if our Halloween was actually warm this would be the best costume ever. For now it makes for some really fun dress up dance cloths!

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