Thursday, September 30, 2010

Eco Challange Day 1

A lot of my friends and family have already heard the news - but for the next 15 days we are working as a family to take an Eco Challenge. As a family, we are challenging ourselves to live a more sustainable and lower impact lifestyle. Each and every day we are talking about ways that we can do this. 

This is a real tough one because I already feel that we do a lot of eco-friendly things so I want to try and improve on some things in the next few weeks...but also difficult because we are not in a position to make drastic improvements in the next two weeks like leave our cars behind (though we will be trying hard to drive a lot less). 

Why are we doing this? Well, aside from the obvious benefits to our earth and family - we are doing this because it is a major fundraiser for the Northwest Earth Institute (NWEI). If you don't know about NWEI - I HIGHLY recommend talking a look at their site at - I have personally been a part of several of their discussion courses which have offered me and my family new insights into how to live better more sustainable lives - and have been forever changed by the people we have meet and discussions and articles that have educated us! I'll actually be trying to blog a bit about this over the next few weeks.

Back to the challenge. If you want to know more or help support NWEI then please take a look at our challenge page,there you can contribute even just a few dollars to help them in their mission. 100% of the funds we raise will go to NWEI as a tax-deductible donation to further their efforts to create a sustainable future for us all. All supporters who donate $35 or more will receive a free annual membership to NWEI too. (I'll be taking this deal and if you do plan to participate in future discussion courses this is a terrific deal).

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