Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Thankful for our decision to take this journey

I'm late again with Meatless Monday and as I started to post about meatless snacks - something else came to mind first....

This week has found me without my stay-at-home daddy and amazing husband, and I really really miss him. While I have help from family and friends it just isn't the same. We had been happily enjoying this new life of having him at home with the baby, our older in pre-k but able to chill at home when school became more of a burden and less of an experience. Yep, money is different - but not really when you have time to do so much yourself . It has just been so great to start to do all of the things as a family we hoped we would get to do.

Then, he was off. He is gone for just one week, we are not even half way through his leave, and now I see just what our lives would be like if we were both working or traveling or even single parents. OH MY! I won't be second guessing our decision to cut our income in half any time soon... It has been rough, even with help many things are going undone. I find the TV on more than I would like and our choices for not just activities but healthy eating to be much tougher. A cold snuck up on me (probably stress) and I have little time or patience to cope with it. Ukkkk

But then there are bright spots. The swinging, laundry line-drying, walk to the park and secret scones orspecial treats we are "sneaking" because it is just us girls. Cookies from scratch even though dishes still need to be done and bed-time awaits. Special books that came in from the library hold list just when I needed a bonus to get us through the day. Yes, it feels busy - crazy actually, but it also just reassures me that we made the right decision as a family to sacrifice things like early retirement, the freedom to spend, travel, and more (like safety nets and free health care which are huge). I'm so thankful right now that this week is temporary and that our new family journey is really making an impact I never imagined it would.

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