Friday, July 9, 2010


I started this blog not too long ago thinking a lot about doing more with less money, but, inevitably as I start to write about more… and less… I have to ask when is there enough?

Am I doing enough? Is there enough? Was that enough? Will there be enough? I’ve had enough!

From the mile high viewpoint I look down and say, if I’m conscious of it, educated about it (or getting educated) and making plans for change that is probably enough. If I’m doing what I can right now, I try not to beat myself up about it (meaning, it is probably also enough). If I doesn’t seem to be doing enough… well then I’m back to this blog (needing to do more or less) right :)

I’m still contemplating many things I want to try to get across in the blog but for now I’m going to stick with doing enough to keep myself and my family going. I hope to be back to this in a few days.

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