Monday, June 21, 2010

Missing Something?

This weekend I was looking around my kitchen and feeling proud of all of the things I use every day and choose NOT to replace even though they are missing something:
- The best knives I have had for years and years and won't replace - even though I'm missing one
- The mix and match napkins, plates, and silverware - many more than one piece missing but still enough to have dinner with many friends
- The glass pot that I broke the lid on but can't bare to let go
- The fridge missing a few pieces - but we had it painted black anyway rather than replace it when we remodeled the kitchen some years back

I'm just not one to discard good things or replace them just because they have a little something missing. I suppose eventually I will try to find a lid that works with that pot, or see about ordering a replacement knife....but honestly I don't mind having a few worn and well used (well loved) things around my house. I guess that old cliche' about it giving your home character is true.

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  1. Great post! I do the same thing, but have to watch myself or I have too many things waiting around to be fixed, that will never be fixed but are not currently usable.

    My best one was my ceramic french press that I paid what felt like a lot at the time ($45 about 13 years ago, or so), which my cat had knocked over and broken the lid. We glued and reglued that over the years and it never quite held together well enough and I had to give up about 5 years ago. I wrote the mfr to ask if they still made them, and they said sadly, no (it is a truly great design for several reasons). But, crazily enough, they had some replacement lids gathering dust in their warehouse and they said they would put them up on the website for sale! So they did and I got one, finally bidding farewell to another graphic memory of my dear Squirt........

    I just ran across a mug that I LOVED so much and it broke, and I just hate to really part with it but I know I have to.