Monday, June 7, 2010

Meatless Monday

Strawberries... That is all I'm saying for Meatless Monday. I mean, couldn't you eat a whole meal of strawberries :)

So, they ARE here... dispite the days and days of rain. I saw several nearly red berries in my yard this weekend and if the sun stays out today something tells me we will be eating one or two when we get home tonight!

I would love to go picking next weekend if the weather holds up and we have time. If anyone knows of good places to go - especially to the East - I wouldn't mind trying something new. In the past we have picked at Suavie Island and I like to follow farmer Don's blog from Kruger's Farm to see what is ripe (and yes, Strawberries are ripe).

My mom is also making a visit soon to help out with the kids while my husband is away and we are talking about trying our hand at canning - so look out, you just might see a post about canning at some point (all tips or blog posts about canning welcome).

PS - My Meatless Monday's are getting stale - could use some blogging partners. If anyone wants to blog about Meatless Monday's or anything More or Less related please let me know!

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  1. There's a strawberry patch on my way home from work. Right now it absolutely smells like strawberries when I drive by. It's awesome!

    I buy flats of strawberries, rinse 'em gently, then freeze them on trays. Then I put the strawberries into ziploc bags. That way the strawberries stay separate and easy to use/measure for smoothies. If I baked, I'm sure that I could use them for pies.

    I really don't like canned fruit (of course, I've only had commercially canned fruit), so I'm not too wild about that. You could make jelly/jam, of course, but you can only eat so much of it in my opinion. You'd be set for gifts, though. Good luck on canning!