Monday, March 15, 2010

Meatless Monday

So it is official... At the end of this month my husband will be a stay-at-home dad with our youngest and our older will eventually be in pre-k part time. This was a big decision for us and we are still working out the financial details and he swears he will help with some tips in that area soon.

What does this have to do with Meatless Monday? Well my sweet husband loves to cook, and now that he is home, he can do what he loves! He has always been the better cook and I think he could be a great chef. He is always experimenting and trying new things. We both meal plan but now that he has been home he has taken over more of the planning and purchasing and coming up with the dinner ideas. His idea for this weeks Meatless Monday is a Panko Breaded Tofu. We usually eat tofu with noddles and or miso soup nearly every week - it is one of our go-to's. Even our older loves cold tofu with soy sauce on it - maybe it is our Asian roots. So tonight he plans to bread and fry up some tofu "nuggets" to add to our rice, edamame, and possible miso soup.

Coming soon - I have several friends telling me all about hearty lentil soups they are making so watch for guest posters to chime in on Meatless Monday's soon. If you have something you want to share just let me know. We are always looking for inexpensive, healthy, and earthy friendly meal ideas that even the kids will love. We are also looking forward to gardening and farmers markets - yes spring is finally here :)

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