Saturday, March 13, 2010

Laundry Day

Thanks in large part to my cloth diapering addiction my laundry day has changed dramatically over the last 6 months. We use a more natural laundry soap (Charlies soap) but I also know it is easy to make your own mix... and we also use vinegar in the rinse cycle for stains and softer. While we have had a few sunny days and a clothesline is on my to-do list for this summer... we are still using the dryer some but we have purchased 4 dryer balls (you can also use tennis balls I hear) which are fist sized plastic spiky balls that bounce your cloths around in the dryer keeping them static free, dry faster, and stay softer while avoiding dryer sheets... plus they are a one time investment, unlike the dryer sheets which you just keep buying up. We tend to use cold water anywhere we can but what I want are tips on keeping my dark colors (black especially) dark...Any tips?


  1. I think that soaking dark clothes in a salt OR vinegar solution will set the dye, I did that a lot when I was a teenager. Now, I generally use Woolite dark wash and do a load of darks on perm. press. I know it's not the greenest way, but one bottle of the Woolite has lasted me over a year. There are other brands, too.
    I use the dryer balls, but then wondered if that is kind of hard on the clothes, as a lot of Cole's hems are tattered, even though his pants aren't long on him, and some of my towels and bathmats recently have been unraveling at the sides.......

  2. Hmmm...great thoughts. I wonder if those wool dryer balls I see on etsy all the time would be a little easier on cloths. Anyone have a brand the purchase that are more "homemade" that they have a good experience with??