Thursday, March 18, 2010

Birthday Party Planning

Our older daughter is turning 4 the weekend before Earth Day. This couldn't be better timing because we are looking to have a small affordable party and we'll Earth Day certainly makes for a great theme for that :)

So last Sunday we walked to Goodwill (we couldn't drive - it's an earth day theme). I love consignment shopping and we went as a whole family so it was super fun. We scavenged for party supplies like streamers and balloons and small toys to give out to the kids. I found a tie dye t-shirt to cut up and make into goody bags and we browsed the purses, sunglasses, hats, puzzles, books and all sorts of thing for ideas of what to put in the bags. Our best score was some classroom scallop boarder with what else but pictures of EARTH on them that we will make into crowns. We also got found some plant in the bag sunflowers and a flute that got played the entire walk home (yes my husband was a little unhappy with me for that one - maybe the neighbors too).

It was so much fun that we plan to do it again in a few weeks to buy a few more items. Since we have an earth friendly theme we asked attendees to look for alternate ways to get to the party and asked that they forgo the gift giving or bring something home made. I found a nice wooden marble run on craigslist that will be her birthday present (shhh don't tell her) and we are planning a special earth day lunch and craft (I could still use some ideas for the food).

I can't wait - we feel so inspired by our new found shopping fun.

Photo Credit: NASA JSC

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