Monday, February 22, 2010

The Library

When I was a kid I remember origami classes, arts and crafts and reading contests at our local library... but later in life as I earned more money I opted more for the book store. However, a few years ago after having my first daughter I realized the Library was full of resources and now that we have killed cable (a post to come) the library is really our greenest, cheapest friend!

I'm not sure about every County but here in Multnomah County our library has a fantastic online catalog that allows me to look up whatever subject my crazy kids or the family is into these days and have the book put on hold for me at my local library. So when it came time for us to decide to turn off the tv more, I checked out some books on too much TV time - in kid friendly messages. When I want to learn to cook something I check out a cookbook, when I want learn how to be greener at work I check out a book.... Oh, and when we want to see a movie, go to a local museum (yes, they have those passes too), or even have family freeze dance night with new music I can check all that out at the library. FREE. Now that is what I call more for less.


  1. Hi there!

    Just found your blog. You and your family share a lot of the philosophies we have, and you're making a lot of the same changes we've made! It's nice to find someone blogging about this. I hope you keep at it!

    One area I need to improve on is using the library. I love libraries, love everything they provide and everything they stand for, yet haven't been to one in years. Although we are trying to save money and consume less, we still buy books more often than we should, and rent or buy movies instead of borrowing them for free. Hopefully I can get in the habit of visiting soon, especially now that we're looking for cheap/free things to do with my three-year-old!

    What age is your older daughter?

    I look forward to reading more!

  2. Thanks Tiff. My older daughter is 3 turning 4 next month and she now loves the library. I love how you can go online now and place books on hold. Anything she is into at this age there is always a book out there we can borrow and talk about. Glad you found us and we would love to hear what you are doing to live more on less.