Monday, February 15, 2010

When we saw the bill

It wasn't an easy decision to have two kids. We knew the impact we would be making on our family, career, and yes plant would be big. This decision didn't come easy. Of course Elsie Joann is here and we love both our daughters - but her arrival has had another big impact on how we make financial and family financial decisions. The first look at a monthly daycare bill of $1600 was not something we didn't know was coming , but the reality has certainly set in.

We love our daycare ( and that both kids can be together in a friendly environment with a center that respects kids and the planet. BUT, we were starting to see that 5 days a week - 8-10 hour days on a 3.5 year old was getting old and the revenue from two parents working through more than the cost of daycare, wasn't more than the cost of what were were missing out on.

Though we haven't officially decided to keep the kids home yet, our first step was to sit down and make a list of all of the bills. Then we looked at those we had to keep (like the mortgage, and student loans) and those that could go (like the cable, netflix, eating out, etc.). We quickly realized that we would have to sacrifice some luxuries to live on less. What we didn't expect after we finally made the leap of faith and my husband left is job is that we have found so many ways to live the same or better than we were before. On top of that we are looking to find more ways to make less of an impact on our wallet and our planet.

These posts will be a journal of things we have discovered that made a little difference. Some things to save money and live on less, some things we can do less of, and some things that cost more we do less of. We invite you to follow us, comment, and send us ideas. We are surrounded by many friends with loving families who have helped us and will also invite them to share ideas as well.

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