Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Vegan Valentine's Day

Ok so I know V'day is all said and done but I'm just starting this blog and I wanted to go back and share another concept we have around our house that is helping us do more with less (and for less). This year we celebrated Valentine's with family - some of whom happen to be vegan, and recently moved here from NY - so we decided to have a Vegan Valentine's day dinner. We actually already have a running "Meatless Monday" concept where we eat meatless one or more nights a week but I'll talk more about that later. We had a delicious salad, spaghetti and fresh bread baked from my book Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day. For dessert I tried my hand at an egg-less brownie but it just turned into goop (still yummy chocolate goop). The whole dinner was way less than a steak dinner and with a little wine (for the adults)which we received as a trade for a baby sitting swap night it felt like a very expensive meal with a very low budget. I have to add though that we didn't eat meatless because of our family or because it was cheap. One of the things we recognize and discuss regularly as a sustainable conscious family is how much of our water and food resources it takes to get a pound of meet (especially beef). This is a little twist on the taking more to get less... rather than just spending less to get more that prompted me to start this blog.

So I hope you will consider what your next "Meatless Monday" or "Vegan Valentines" might look like - and share your stories and recipes

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