Monday, June 6, 2011

I am a lowly stonecutter

My husband recently brought back a book from his childhood very similar to this video (this is the author but it was made before the book was published. The book is just slightly different and has even better images, I think). It is such a treasure to find this tale of what happens when you want more all the time.

My older daughter loves to read it as her last book of the night. Even with a sort of sad ending and an amazingly deep message she still enjoys hearing the story over and over. I think the simple messages of power, greed, desire, and dreams is enough to help us start terrific conversations about why we always seem to think we want more, but in the end it often doesn't get us any closer to happiness.

I highly recommend the Stonecutter if you need to talk as a family about these types of issues. Maybe a small reminder that our own desires to improve our lives often have us wishing for more, but having more is not in fact always the answer to our prayers. Are there other children's book out there that touch you too? This one certainly does make me reflect every time we read it together. I hope you enjoy it.

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