Saturday, May 21, 2011

Wetbags are for more than cloth diapers

For anyone who has never cloth diapered before you probably aren't familiar with the term wet bag. Basically it is a bag that is designed to hold your dirty diapers, then you throw diapers, bag and all, into the washer on laundry day. I got some terrific ones from a company called Knickernappies that snap right around a door knob. Great for hanging in the bathroom or at the edge of a changing table.

But enough about diapers! About the same time we started with cloth diapers, we also started using cloth rags, napkins, wipes, bibs, and such too. Wet and dirty napkins and rags were hanging out all over the place just waiting to get washed. I actually think it was my husbands brilliant idea to hang one of the bags on the door going from the kitchen to the basement were our laundry is. Now, just as you would buss a dish our throw away a tissue, you just toss your cloth in the bag and then toss the whole thing on the laundry when it is full.

I find now we rarely ever use paper towels and we are working on reducing other things like tissues more now too. Cloth napkins are the norm, and I'm hoping bibs are on their way out. So even if you don't cloth diaper here's an idea inspired from that world.

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  1. What a great idea! I might even make one to match my kitchen. It sure beats throwing them willy-nilly down the basement stairs toward the laundry which, I'm embarrassed to say, has been my previous M.O.!