Monday, January 10, 2011

Kids Cook Monday

I know this post is way beyond the holidays and really has nothing to do with cooking food of any kind but I still wanted to share it under Kids Cook Monday anyway.

For a couple of years now my daughter and I have always celebrated winter and summer solstice (winter with hot chocolate and summer with a popsicle) but this year I had work travel on the solstice. So instead we had a solstice crafting and hot chocolate party with a bunch of her friends - a few days before the actual solstice.

In advance of the party we decided to make some salt dough ornaments (just google it - there are a million version of the recipe). She and my husband diligently spent hours rolling and cutting out various holiday shapes - including this super fun ninja gingerbread kid (or as she called it a warrior pose ornament). We baked them and the kids had a blast painting them!

I love the idea of working with dough or clay and this was so fun that I think in the future I'll make some and let her shape it by hand and we'll dry it out and paint it for some presents (maybe some hears for valentines day).

Like I said - not cooking food - but still super fun :)

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