Monday, November 8, 2010

Connect -and Cook- with your Kids this Monday

Eating a family dinner is a huge priority in our family. We do it basically 7 days a week and I really enjoy it even more the more people we have so I LOVE having other family and friends over if we (and they) can find the time. This is why I was really intrigued by this weeks Meatless Monday post Connect -and Cook- with your Kids this Monday and the book by Laurie David mentioned here "The Family Dinner".

All too often my older child is ready to run away at the end of a meal or is asking for "TV". We try to talk about our day and even allow coloring or activities at the dinner table but that doesn't always end the way I would like. So I'm very interested in this book and ideas the author Laurie David might having on keeping family dinner time sacred.

Next up - Library hold. If I can get a copy I'll let you know what I think!

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