Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Where are we now...

I'm trying to get back into the swing of things but I thought I should update you. After a hectic summer filled with more highs and lows than I can post here we are on yet another bend n the road that we are traveling on as a family. Several weeks ago our younger child went back to daycare and this week Dad went back to work.

It was amazing to have dad at home for several months. I blogged about it a while ago and I'm still a bit sad when I think about it being over. I suppose this is our new age - one where job and financial security is harder to come by - one where families have to struggle a little bit harder to find work life balance. So though I'm a bit sad - I'm also feeling a lot grateful. Grateful for a family with the means to have food (good healthy food), a home, cloths, shoes, time together, a wonderful town, community, friends.... I could go on and on.

We will face new challenges both in time and finances - some different and some the same, but we will not change our journey to live more as a family on the values we hold dear - which will continue to include using, buying, spending less, treading less on the earth if we can, doing more with each other, with what we have, and continuing to learn more and share it as we do. I hope you continue to enjoy our crazy ride.

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