Saturday, August 14, 2010

Big Changes Coming....

So some of you already know this but there are some big changes happening at home that are making it harder for me to blog here. The main thing happening in a few weeks is that daddy is going back to work. This was not the way we planned it when we started out on this journey to live on less so that he could stay home. But there are some things in life you don't let go buy without trying them - and we'll, lets just say this economy can change on you in a second... So family security was our choice for the moment and off we go, shifting our journey around.

Does the blog still fit? I'm not sure about this one... We are still a family trying to live with less, on less (as most of you know daycare costs really only put you at about a break even)... we are still trying to maintain meatless meals, local and organic food choices, and healthy happy children with less impact on our "place". That will not change! I'm a bit sad and torn and I'm not sure exactly what I will do here on these e-pages. I really have no clue how many people read this and what you would want to see. I didn't really start the blog to make money or start a business... I guess if anyone ready this has an opinion feel free to share it.

Having a parent at home has been an amazing blessing. He is a super dad and the precious family time we had because of him staying home is in my mind the biggest loss. It was a very tough decision. Even still, there are so many things that we gained as a family from having him at home that I will keep - even as he goes back to work. Money spent on things that give us more family time and experiences together will be money well spent and things we learned to live without will NOT be coming back in the house. I'm happy for the things we learned, I'm anxious about the future, I'm thankful for the opportunity to have financial security - after that I'm just not sure.

For those of you that have taken the time to read and share - maybe one of you wants to start adding ideas here??? Maybe I will keep up with Meatless meals??? Not sure yet what I will even have time for or what hasn't already been done to death out there. Thanks so much though for reading my thoughts and observations. I just feels so good to be heard.


  1. OK, this is my fifth attempt at leaving a comment. :)
    I think you should keep the same theme on the same blog. Just because you're both working doesn't mean you are changing your ways on spending or the environment. Keep the meatless Monday and also why not write some reviews of "green" stuff you are doing - like those wool dryer balls. And hey, maybe Delsin will make a financial themed post now and then.

  2. hmmm I'll have to think about that. Thanks for the support! I had talked to him about some finance blogs and maybe he'll have the motivation to get back into that world now :)