Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Saving money on "real" food

I follow a local blogger Frugal Living NW and yesterday she had a pretty good post on how couponing helps her, even with the "real" food purchases. Her post is here  Saving money on “real” food.

I still have a hard time with coupons because I can see how time consuming it could be to come up with the deals (that's why I follow the blogs instead) and while I meal plan, I have a hard time "stocking up" on non-food items. But maybe you'll find some good tips here.

I personally have been using the monthly $10 off on $50 purchases at Safeway that appear each month in the paper here in Oregon, and just this weekend I scored my best deal yet. A few weeks back our 5+ year old Brita water pitcher finally broke. I purchased a new one at target for just over $26 along with a 4 pack of filters for $16. I had a $10 off coupon from Target, a $5 off coupon from joining "Fit for Life" online and a $2 off filters coupon for signing up for filter change reminders on Brita. Bringing my original $42 purchase to $25 including enough filters to last for 1 year (each filter lasts about 2 months). Oh, and according to Brita's website the old pitcher and filters are recyclable at Whole Foods... so I'll be recycling my old broken on too. Portland has really great water - but for the things I need filtered water for (like baby bottles) this is a great deal.

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