Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Pre-Loved Fashion

Ok, I admit it - with the changes in the weather I have had the itch to shop but no money to do it. New shoes, things for an upcoming birthday party, clothes - especially cute baby items. But after reading this post on kids clothing and toy swaps I was reminded that I could probably have just as much fun (and not go into debt) if I organized a clothes and toys swap or went to my local Good Will. Actually here in Portland I have frequented many kids consignment stores and rarely by new kids items (so why wouldn't I do this for adult items?). Thanks mostly to my mommy friends I get many items used (for free, or maybe coffee) and what I don't get I can usually find on consignment or Craigslist - but it might be time for a good old fashion More for Less swap around here :)

Anyone interested just let me know! Read the blog post from Green Living Tips above to find out how to organize one yourself. Save money and the planet + stop that shopping itch!


  1. I'd be game. I used to host an annual "Naked Lady" clothing swap party. It was a ton of fun. Everyone got a chance at other friends previously loved items all while hanging with other great women over refreshments. I never thought about it extending to childrens items, but why not!

  2. I LOVE the naked lady idea!! I'm going to organize something (probably ladies wear) but I'll have to do it around all the birthday parties we have coming up :)