Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dryer Balls

I have literally had these pictures saved to do a blog post about making your own dryer balls for a week and with sick kiddos I just haven't had a chance to post them...

Here they are, wound up tight, ready to be stuffed in pantyhose and "felted" (FYI I skipped the starter ball and just felted the whole thing - not sure what this will do in the end but so far I don't see any difference from the balls I purchased).

Here they are, felted - after about 10 more uses they look even more felted - so just keep using them and they will hold together even better.

Then, along came this terrific post from Bummis on how to make them - and well. I just don't see a need to give you instructions when I can just send you to this great guide on how to make them.

When I first started cloth diapering I had read about how you do not want to use dryer sheets and to try these dryer balls or tennis balls instead. I originally went out and purchased 4 large plastic spiky balls that after just 4-5 months broke apart into little pieces in my dryer (uck). So I then browsed the wonderful world of etsy to buy some from a great artist. They are wonderful but a little small (though they make WAY less noise than the plastic ones). Plus, there always seemed to be one stuck in a sheet or diaper bag and so I was always wanting MORE. I had the crazy notion that I had some left over felting wool from a crochet project I never finished (yea, go figure) and viola... four more made.

Yes they are still a bit noisy but I really do find that my cloths do dry faster. I'm not sure they do as much for static as I would like on the really dry days - but with 4-5 of them it does help. You could probably put some occasional scent in there as well if you really do miss your scented dryer sheets. But no waste - easy to make. If you want to be crafty with some old wool sweaters here are instructions on how you can use them to make a different kind of dryer ball! (warning - sewing involved)!!

I love them so so so much that I think I know what everyone in my family is getting for the holidays this year.

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  1. I bought mine at 3 years ago and have the same 6 in my dryer now! I bought them there after a set I had ordered from someone else unraveled on me after two months of use! Be careful on buying the raveled brands.