Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Cook with your kids

I think most of us who read this blog realize that one of the key's to doing more with your budget is to cook more at home. Um, but I never really learned how to cook (didn't need to, I was going to work right). HELP. So I don't want to hinder my girls and thus I am always looking for ways to get the kids in the kitchen.

A friend of mine tipped me off to the Pampered Chef kids knife. This is a very simple serrated knife that given good supervision can allow them to cut without getting hurt (notice I said, with supervision) and works slightly better than a plastic knife. Probably not for a 2 year old but my 4 year old is starting to use it some with items like tofu, bananas, etc. I also really like their mini muffin tray for baking kid sized treats, and their garlic peeler which you just roll around to peel the garlic… all very easy things to do. Another item that has been a must for me is a good step stool. I like the nice tall wooden one we picked up at Ikea.

Actually our older daughter has cooking classes at school about once a week and many times we take ideas from school. Last week she made fruit pizzas and I asked the director too share the recipe (well, more like how-too):

Collect up some english muffins, cream cheese, and a variety of fruits and veggies to make a yummy pizza (i.e. raisin eyes, cucumber slice nose, apple slice mouth). Let kids use their imaginations to make a fun pizza

I would eventually like to take it beyond our kitchen to some cooking classes or camps. I’m not sure my 4 year old is quite old enough to get something real out of these places but here are two I have come across in the last few weeks that got me thinking about this post.

Cooking Thyme (cooking classes for all ages)

The Merry Kitchen (check out their party ideas – sounds like super fun)

I would love to get more ideas in getting the kids in the kitchen (especially since I don’t like to cook so much myself).


  1. I love this post Stacey....Hana is begging to help in the kitchen and I know how much she would enjoy cutting up fruits and veggies...and that pizza is a great idea!!! Thanks!!!!

  2. I bake a lot with Lauryn, but I always feel like we are making high carb or semi-unhealthy items so I'm trying to look for ways to teach her more about cooking. She loves cutting things, the trick is finding stuff that doesn't leave her frustrated when she tries to cut it. She doesn't quiet have the muscle power for a cheese gratter just yet either - so I'm sticking with fruits and veggies, tofu, and letting her do things like add the "pinch" of salt or dash of herbs :) Messy - but fun.

  3. I make pizza from scratch and we put all the veggies we have on the top, usually I let Hana spread the veggies and then add the cheese and oregano...she LOVES it, and usually she eats very well because 'she made it herself'...but now you gave me an idea how to have her help even more with cutting up veggies with me...I just need to get that knife for her..thanks! I know it is messy but Hana feels very happy when she is helping! :)