Monday, May 10, 2010

Meatless Monday

Ok, I admit it. I really don't like salad. It isn't that I don't like lettuce or can't enjoy a side salad now and then... but honestly it isn't the first thing I order or think of for dinner. While I think the butter lettuce that is coming up now is so tender, like a good spinach salad, or even some arugula.... salads just aren't my favorite meal. I'm not sure why this is and while I'm being totally open, I'll also admit that I really don't even enjoy lettuce on my sandwich. There, I said it. Now I'm ready to eat my words. Anyone have any good hearty salad recipes that even a salad hater would love? How about a kid’s favorite? Maybe a pasta salad? :)


  1. ha ha! I don't like salads either, really! I try to eat them, but just can't always do it, and certainly can't bring myself to make them! I do like lettuce on a sandwich though, I have to admit.

    I talked with a friend who is a salad-mistress about it. She makes wonderful salads and consumes a lot of them! I said I thought I didn't like them too much because they are cold, and I generally prefer warm food, and they are so much more work to eat to get the same benefits as cooked vegetables (which I'm not too good about eating either to be frank!). She said there wasn't much to do about the former, but the latter is why she thinks she likes them! It was a nice way to turn around my thinking. But they are still so much work to prepare and I'm not inspired in the same way to make them, I probably won't do it until I'm retired and looking for things to do to keep busy.

    Also, in Chinese tradition, they don't believe in eating raw vegetables much. "They" feel that your digestive system works too hard to break it down and doesn't get the benefits. There's a little bit of science behind that, too, as there are some nutrients in vegetables that aren't bioavailable raw, however the same is true the other way around in some. The Chinese might classify us as needing warm, wet foods to balance out our systems, and *they* also change diet based on seasons (ying/yang variations).

  2. Try Thai Spring Rolls. Chopped lettuce, cilantro, mint, carrot threads, cucumber rolled tightly in rice paper with a peanut sauce to dip it in.