Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Why would you eat breakfast in a bowl - in your car?

I’m driving in this morning (something I already feel guilty enough about and am contemplating trying to change) and I hear a commercial for BK that talks about a manly breakfast on the go that comes in a bowl… oh and it is only $2. The only breakfast I eat in a bowl is oatmeal (you know healthy oats and stuff) and I actually think $2 is too expensive for something so cheap to make on your own. But this got me to thinking about how I’m really a breakfast person and I have been pretty creative with bringing my own homemade breakfast on the go lately (I'm not eating in my car - I promise). So I thought I would blog about breakfast today.

I like protein for breakfast most days – oatmeal is easy but I really like egg sandwiches (or you could make it a tofu scramble). I picked up eggs at Trader Joes ($1.79 per dozen – the best deal I have found) and scrambled six of them up. I threw in some cheese (Tillamook cheese here is usually $2/$5 at Safeway so $2.50 and I only use like 1/3 of the bag) and a little bacon we had left over from another breakfast (you could skip the bacon and better yet throw in some veggies like mushrooms or peppers if you like them all in all you add maybe another $50). I placed the scramble in between 2 slices of whole wheat or whole grain Oroweat sandwich thins - (100 calories and 5 grams of fiber and cost around $3.50 but there are lots of coupons out there for them right now) this is the best breakfast sandwich I have ever made and paired with a little yogurt from TJ’s I’m one happy person in the mornings. I figure it cost me roughly $6.00 to make 6 sandwiches and I guarantee you the taste better than breakfast in a bowl

Are you a breakfast person and if so what are your tips for eating cheap and healthy for breakfast? I’m always looking for good ideas and if you have more than a few I’m always looking for more guest bloggers too. This blog was started to grow my community and help my family live more on less – I see there are lots of you out there doing the same so please share your story!


  1. I am a huge fan of whole grain toast with peanut butter. Maybe a little honey mixed on top. Or homemade jam. :)

    I'm totally a breakfast person. I never get tired of peanut butter toast. But I will make oatmeal from, you know, real oats. Or Bob's Red Mill hot cereal. But I LOVE brown sugar, so it ends up sweet. And I might sometimes top it with a little half-and-half... not so healthy!

  2. Cheap and healthy - smoothies. The extra fiber in these smoothies give them staying power by slowing down digestion. They should tide you over to lunch time. The fiber also 'evens' out the sugar high that Jamba Juice smoothies can give you. At least for me.

    "Recipe": 1 T ground flax seed, 1/4 C almonds, 1 frozen banana*, 1 apple**, 2-3 T raisins***, ~2C water. (substitute at will)

    Protein + healthy oils + nutrient dense

    * buy the 'old and ugly' organic fair trade bananas. I got 5lbs for $0.99 at the HFS.
    ** the little teacher's apples by the bag; your farmers market should have them at a very good price. Don't peel them.
    *** raisins add sweetness and have iron

    I have a quick and easy microwave scrambled tofu recipe if you're interested.

    I'd totally avoid any commercial eggs, even those marketed with a free range label, no matter what the cost. The cruelty behind all commercial egg production is just something I can't support.

  3. Good point on the eggs Jeannie. I was regularly getting eggs from a farm and they haven't had any so I really need another source - something several of us in my work office have been talking about doing something about!

    And thanks both of you for more breakfast ideas! Last summer after picking season I made tons of smoothies so I should have thought of that one.