Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hours of nearly free fun

A few weeks back I ran to the craft store to get outdoor paint to paint rocks. We plan to paint garden rocks as a part of our birthday party festivities. The rocks were free, the paint was cheap, and the art will stay in our garden forever! This in and of itself was a nice fun project and about all I had expected to find. But of course I had to hit up the Clarence bins sitting right out the front door.

What did I find to my surprise but a deck of Crazy Eights (the card game). Listed as $0.50 I thought I had a deal but they rang up as $0.01 (yes 1 cent). Crazy Eights is like Uno for kids, you match colors and numbers and eights are wild cards. After a few rounds and the occasional reminder about how the game works we haven't turned on the TV in 4 nights in a row. We can't get enough of the game and we all delight in seeing how many cards pile up or squeal when someone finally wins a really long game. We have long enjoyed game night with Candyland and memory - looks like we have found yet another fun game to add to the list.

What is your favorite family fun night game? We are always looking for new ones to keep our eyes out for at Goodwill or to add to the gift wish list.

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  1. War is also a fun game for little kids. For adults, not so much (because it's tedious).