Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Fun for Less than $10

Easter baskets. What kid doesn't want one filled with candy and goodies?

The candy and crappy-junk-toy companies are so persuasive, making me want to buy up a bunch of stuff to fill a basket for my four-year-old. I've really had to hold myself back every time I stepped into a grocery store in the past couple of weeks. The chocolates, the pastels and the egg-shaped everythings were calling my name.

But in the end, my own inner voice was even MORE persuasive. I made a few purchases, but also looked around my house for things that we already have and can include for free. Here is how we will delight one sweet boy on Easter morning. And it only cost me $9.24 (plus the cost of eggs, which I am not counting since we will eat them as food and not treats).

Sweet treats:
  • From the Easter Bunny: One Small(ish) Lindt Milk Chocolate Bunny ($2.50 on sale) and a handful of Lindor Truffle eggs (also on sale for $2.50)
  • From the grandparents: A small basket of assorted chocolates sent with love from Indiana (free)
Easter Egg Hunt:
  • 1 1/2 dozen eggs colored and decorated ($2.99 for the egg decorating kit)
  • Another dozen or so plastic eggs (free, found them in a drawer recently) and filled with random (free) stuff from around the house including: stickers (from the bottom of the junk drawer in the kitchen), a little ceramic cat from my jewelry box, a dollar bill from my coat pocket, a quarter (also found in jewelry box), some sequins (craft box), and a couple of the truffle eggs (see above).
The point of all this is that my kid will have plenty of candy (we actually go through it pretty slowly - this will last us into summer), and some other fun surprises, and will not even know what he is "missing" (i.e. cheap plastic doo-dads and such that will be broken, lost or forgotten in minutes).

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  1. Those candy aisles at Easter are so tempting. It's hard to not buy a bag of this, oh and I love those, must have a bag too!

    This year I got things to do for the Easter basket - a deck of cards, one of those Velcro and tennis ball things for playing catch, along with a little chocolate. The "basket" is a bamboo flower pot, so he's getting a flower seed packet too and we'll plant later this spring.

    I did buy a dozen plastic eggs. We gave ours to the school last year. He'd love sequins and crafty stuff. He collects buttons, maybe I should go find some random things to put in instead of candy and coins. Great idea!