Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Consignment Shopping

Well, our older daughter is turning 4 this week and has officially grown out of all of last summers cloths. With the weather getting nicer it is getting harder to dress her. She got some amazing hand-me-down cloths from a friend that I'm super grateful for because she never gets free used items. There were lots of summer dresses and in fact she LOVES dresses so it was perfect (actually grandma also made her several dresses that she is loving and homemade items are yet another more for less blog aren't they). The problem is it is a little to cold still for a sun dress so we allow her to wear them with shirts underneath - well after trying on 3 different shirts this morning I realized the poor girl needs some shirts :)

I sent stay-at-home daddy on a mission today with a list of local children's consignment shops to find summer shirts for our daughter. He is headed to Small Wonders Consignment on Foster in SE Portland and maybe Goodwill on 52nd and Woodstock as well. I know some day we might just have to brave the giant parking lot of cars to get $5-7 geranimals brand shirts at WalMart but somehow consignment shopping just seems more natural to us these days. Big discount stores can certainly be cost effective I suppose, but all too often I drop our daughter off at school and see another child wearing the exact same shirt our child had on yesterday and I think - hay, they shop at Target too. I can't wait to see what he uncovers and I hope he enjoys it as much as I do (who am I kidding...)


  1. Small Wonders is a great store. I go there all the time :)
    Also there is a new place called Piccolina (I think thats how its spelled) opening up on Woodstock across from the Safeway. I hear its a consignment store for kids and maternity.

  2. Yes I saw the sign up when I was getting my daughters hair cut and we stopped in for a special hot chocolate - The coffee place is also sprucing up thier kids area - I'm loving how Woodstock is becoming so family friendly!

  3. There's a Piccolina on SE Clinton and it's a fabulous store - perhaps this is their second store?
    I LOVE the Value Village on SE 82nd near Foster. Much better kids clothes selection than Goodwill. Plus, it's all organized by gender, size and kind of clothes. So you can easily find what you want.