Sunday, February 28, 2010

Meatless Monday

Meat is a huge source of resource consumption in our country (other foods, water, etc.), expensive, and just not necessary for every meal. Last summer I participated in a discussion group called Menu for the Future which anyone can participate in they are more interested in this topic (I have posted a link on the side of the blog to the Northwest Earth Institute for more information) - I highly recommend all their groups as I learned so much from them that has impacted my family for the better.

Since that time we have been on a mission to buy and eat local and to cut down our meat consumption. One thing we have jokingly started is 'Meatless Monday'. It isn't really Monday every week but at least once a week (and usually more nights) we make our dinner meatless. Other nights we eat local, eat cheap, etc. and I'll talk about that as time goes on but I thought to carry on our family tradition that I would start every Monday with a tribute to Meatless Monday here on our blog.

I have to admit that our 'Meatless Mondays' are usually not all that creative - consisting of a pasta or something simple. In fact this week was a very simple and inexpensive pasta with a side of Bob's Red Mill polenta. We have come to LOVE this polenta and though you would think it would be difficult to make, it is very easy and makes a nice side dish for breakfast or dinner. Add some carrots and that was really it. Not much to talk about this week but I look forward to getting more ideas from my followers (maybe a few guest Meatless Monday posts) as the weeks go forward.

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